Eligibility Requirements


Eligibility requirements

The government requires that all applicants for ITT must:

  • have achieved a standard equivalent to a grade C / 4 at GCSE in English and Maths, plus Science for Primary
  • must hold a first degree of a UK higher education institution or equivalent qualification (a first degree comprises 300 HE credit points of which 60 must be at Level 6)
  • have the capability to meet the required Standards by the end of training and possess appropriate and intellectual qualities to be a teacher
  • pass an enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service check to ensure they have no convictions that would preclude them from teaching
  • be able to read effectively and communicate clearly and accurately in standard English, both verbally and written
  • take part in an interview process designed to assess your suitability to teach.

Alban Federation requires that all applicants for ITT must:

  • have a degree that is at least 50% in the subject they wish to teach although we will consider in some cases degrees that are closely linked e.g. an engineering degree for a science training places

Alban Federation requires that all applicants for School Direct Salaried must normally:

  • have a degree at 2ii or higher
  • have a minimum of 3 years’ career experience
    (see ‘What is School Direct’ for further clarification on this).

Further guidance on eligibility requirements

We are looking for graduates with:

  • a commitment to working with young people
  • good communication skills
  • a fascination with the learning process
  • a love of their subject
  • the ability to motivate and enthuse
  • a sense of vocation for the profession.

What else can I do to make me a strong candidate?

Alban Federation recruits on the basis of an applicant’s capacity to develop through training into a qualified teacher. As such, there is no requirement for school experience before training although we advise applicants for either Primary and Secondary training to spend time in schools before applying.  Other experience working with young people will be acknowledged. For example, experience of training or coaching, having been a leader in an organisation such as Guides or Scouts, running a youth group or any other kind of appropriate contact with young people.

What if I gained my qualifications overseas?

If this is the case we need verification that your degree is the equivalent of a first degree from a UK HEI and your other qualifications are equivalent to GCSE grade C English and Maths. We will only accept this verification from NARIC whom you can contact on info@naric.org.uk or you can visit their website www.naric.org.uk.

A common issue that arises is equivalency is given for all GCSE subjects with the exception of English Language where the statement often reads: “English is studied as a second language and is not considered comparable to English Language GCSE studied in the UK.” If your NARIC equivalency includes this type of statement you will need to take an Equivalency test and pass at grade C or higher before we can accept your application.

Another common issue is that the degree is given equivalency to a British Bachelor degree but not including the required Level 6 element. The expectation is that your NARIC statement must read that your degree is equivalent to “British Bachelor (Honours) degree standard”.


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