How to Apply

How to apply


To apply for a School Direct place you need to use the central application form on the UCAS website which will open in late October 2016.

You will be able to search for places and apply directly to lead schools.  If you wish to apply for a place with Alban Federation you need to select Sandringham School / Alban Federation from the drop down menu.

There will normally be a list of the schools offering places in your chosen subject but it is acceptable to not indicate any preference.

Once applications have been checked to ensure statutory and provider requirements are met they will be forwarded to the relevant school(s) in the Federation. Individual schools will contact applicants directly where they are interested in proceeding with applications.  It is possible that you may be invited to more than one school for an initial visit.

Equal opportunities for all

Alban Federation aims to exclude discrimination on any basis from all aspects of its operation.

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