General information about training at Alban Federation


If you are accepted for a School Direct Training place you will be based in one of the Federation schools (listed on the About Us page) for the duration of your training.

This school will be your home school and will play a major part in your training.  In order to meet the requirements for ITT you will also undertake a second school placement during the spring term. As part of the training you will regularly visit other Federation schools and you will also make various visits to other schools including a primary school and a special school.

In addition to your work in school developing your skills in the classroom, you will follow a professional studies programme run by experienced teachers and other staff from within those schools. These sessions take place on a weekly basis in one of the schools. Trainees are expected to attend these sessions and also submit assignments related to them during the training year.


What support will I get during my training?

Alban Federation provides a strong support network for trainees. On a day to day basis you will work closely with your subject mentor and other members of the department/faculty within your home school. In addition to this each school has a professional mentor who will meet with you from time to time and keep an overview of your training.

The Federation Co-ordinator who manages the training programme for all trainees will also keep an overview of progress and you will be regularly observed by members of the Federation team. There is, of course, also the network of your fellow trainees and also former trainees now employed in partner schools.

If you are accepted for a School Direct Training place you will be based in one of the Federation schools (listed on the About Us page) for the duration of your training.


What hours will I work in school?

School Direct Salaried trainees are employed by the school and as such are expected to be in school full time from the start of their training. School Direct Tuition Fee trainees have a 6 week central training programme which includes training in their home school as well as visits to other schools and seminar sessions held at the Federation.

Once this central training programme is completed they are expected to be in their home school full time for the remainder of their training.

For both routes teaching experience will begin with a timetable suited to the trainees’ experience and needs which will gradually increase for all to 90% of an NQT timetable by approximately two thirds of the way through the training.

When you are not teaching the day is taken up with observing more experienced colleagues, preparing lessons and marking, attending meetings and reflecting on good practice.

What hours will I work outside school?

Teaching is a challenging and demanding profession and training to teach is no exception to this. As a trainee you will find it essential to work outside of school hours, probably including weekends and during school holidays.

We recommend that anybody interested in entering the profession accrues plenty of school experience prior to application to ensure that they are aware of the reality of the demands of the profession.



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